Interm Occupancy Interest

The OneClose Platform is a breakthrough mortgage solution that combines innovative thinking with leading technologies to eliminate interim occupancy interest payments. Bringing together some of Ontario’s most reputable developers and lenders, our revolutionary solution empowers purchasers to secure their mortgage during the occupancy period and avoid costly interest fees.

Here’s how it works:

1. Project Eligibility


The OneClose Platform is available to any purchaser who has recently bought a condo from one of our participating developers. Our list of partners is always growing, so the first step to saving is getting in touch with our team and confirming if your unit is eligible.

2. Securing a Mortgage


Once you receive a formal notice of opportunity from your developer, you’ll be able to sign in to the OneClose Platform and use the OneClose Mortgage Explorer to find the best mortgage for you. Our intuitive platform even allows you to complete your mortgage application online.

3. OneClose on Occupancy


With tools like the OneClose Approval Navigator and OneClose Funding Accelerator, the OneClose Platform lets you easily secure and track your mortgage before the occupancy period starts. So, when it comes time to move in, you can skip the occupancy interest and go straight to paying off your mortgage.

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How Much Will I Save with OneClose?

Interim occupancy interest payments can feel a lot like paying rent. Discover how much OneClose can save you by using our WealthSaver Calculator.

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