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Discover how OneClose can help you avoid interim
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A Breakthrough Solution for New Condo Mortgages

OneClose Inc. has revolutionized the pre-construction journey by eliminating interim occupancy interest payments for home buyers across Ontario. By combining innovative thinking with leading technologies, we have created a breakthrough financing solution that makes saving money safe, simple and smart.

The Pre-Construction Journey

The process for buying a pre-construction condo can be pretty complicated. In fact, many purchasers are surprised to learn that there are six steps to completing a new condominium purchase – but at OneClose, we knew we could do better. Here is how we simplified the pre-construction journey and revolutionized the new condominium industry:


The Pre-Construction Purchase

You’re excited you have found your dream condo and you enter a sales agreement with the developer.


The Construction Period

The developer knows you’re anxious to move in, so they do their best to quickly get government approvals and keep the project on-schedule.


Occupancy (Closing 1)

After government inspectors determine that your unit is safe to occupy, you need to complete your occupancy contract with the developer and move into your new condo.


Interim Occupancy Fees

You move in and start paying interim occupancy fees which include the interest on the remaining balance of your unit, property taxes and maintenance fees. Interest payments don’t count towards your mortgage so it’s similar to paying rent for a condo you own.


Condo Registration

You haven’t been able to get your mortgage because the government hasn’t registered the condo building and you haven’t received legal title of the unit.


Final Closing (Closing 2)

You’ve now spent thousands of dollars in interim occupancy fees and months juggling closing arrangements before you can start paying off your mortgage.


Closing with OneClose

The OneClose Platform takes the conventional pre-construction journey and turns it into an easy 4-step process. By allowing purchasers to secure mortgages during Closing One (Occupancy), we eliminate the interim occupancy interest payments, second trips to your lawyer, and the risks associated with living in limbo. With OneClose, you don’t have to worry about paying rent for a condo you own. This stress-free approach lets you start paying your mortgage just like any other home buying experience.

How Much Will I Save with OneClose?

Interim occupancy interest payments can feel a lot like paying rent. Discover how much OneClose can save you by using our WealthSaver Calculator.

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