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Buying a new condo in Ontario includes a period of time where you move in, but you can't get a mortgage yet. This can go on for many months, even years before the building gets registered. This is called your Interim Occupancy Period and during this time you have to pay Interim Occupancy Fees to the builder which includes the interest on the remaining balance of your unit, property taxes, and maintenance fees.

Interest payments can add up quickly to thousands of wasted dollars since they do not count towards your mortgage. It’s like paying rent for a condo you own. Aside from wasting money, there's lot's of uncertainty during the interim occupancy period. Life changing events, rising interest rates, and more.

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"Consumers benefit from paying their mortgage principal and interest rather than paying rent for condominium units that they will eventually own."

2020 Report by PWC, BILD, and the Ontario Homeowners Association


# of current new condominium units in the GTA in an interim occupancy stage, representing $9.5 billion of trapped liquidity to consumers, builders, and lenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

OneClose has solved for the problem of interim occupancy interest payments by helping new condo buyers obtain mortgage financing during the interim occupancy period using its innovative Mortgage Acceleration Process ("MAP"). We enable lenders to issue mortgages at the time of occupancy so condo buyers can eliminate the interest portion of their interim occupancy fees and start building equity right away.
No. OneClose affords you the opportunity to secure your permanent mortgage at occupancy.
None, other than normal closing costs (legals) associated with your mortgage, there is no cost to you as a consumer for using OneClose.
The Vendor is obligated in your Purchase and Sale Agreement to deliver title to your unit. This occurs at Registration. The full amount paid by you to the Developer, including the proceeds of the mortgage, are insured by the deposit insurance arranged on your behalf by the Developer through the OneClose Program. This provides assurance that Registration and transfer of title to you will occur, failing which the deposit insurer will be liable to pay back all monies paid over by you and your mortgagee.

I received my keys to the condo yesterday and I am extremely excited!!! Also, I wanted to take this time to thank you so much for your patience and commitment right from the very beginning. It was because of your knowledge and expertise that allowed me to make an informed decision in choosing OneClose. Samantha Brown, OneClose Client

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Through innovative thinking and leading edge technology we’ve created a breakthrough Mortgage Solution which solves for the problem of interim occupancy by helping Purchasers secure their mortgage at occupancy and stop wasting money paying interim occupancy interest. At OneClose, we make you and your financial needs our #1 priority.Kevin Murphy, President & CEO

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